This year we're operating a limited sliding scale of charges. We've been limited in how we can band the prices owing to the late booking of the Greenwich venue, due to events outside our control. We will be operating a hardship fund for those on benefit or whose incomes are below £10,000 p.a. To make things easier, you can send us three postdated cheques (dated one month apart.) If you wish to be considered for either the hardship fund or to pay by 3 cheques, please tick the appropriate part of the form.

To book your place at BiCon 97, please print out the below text, fill in the form and send it with your cheque or postal order to:

BM Bicon
London WC1N 3XX

Please Note: A discount will be applied to the prices below, if you book before or on the day of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride, in London on 5 July 1997.

(Please print out, fill in and tick where appropriate)


Are your circumstances:

A) Unwaged and up to £10,000 p.a - £25.00 booked before Pride, or £30.00 after

B) £10,000 p.a. or above - £35.00 before Pride, or £40.00 after

There will be a flat rate for accommodation of £20.00 per night.

A limited hardship fund will be available.




E Mail:

I would like       tickets for BiCon 97 at         ukp per person for the
whole conference.


I will need accommodation for         persons for         nights.

Breakfast yes/no

Total for conference (ukp):

Total for accommodation:
Grand Total (ukp):

The nights I'll need accommodation for are: Thursday / Friday / Saturday

I am/will also require the following (we will need your phone number or
contact point):

Reservation of creche space / BSL signing / Help with a physical or sensory
disability / Details of campsites in the area / A qualified first aider / a
qualified counsellor.

*Important* I would like to be considered for the Bicon'97 hardship fund

I would like to pay by three postdated cheques    yes/no

I would really love to run a workshop yes/no.
(Please give details of your proposed workshop below.)




Please send this form (snail mail!) to: Bicon 97, BM BiCon, London WC1N
3XX, England UK.
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