BiCon UK is an annual weekend long celebration of all things bi; a chance to get together and chat, and to meet old friends and new. It is run by a different team each year, but whoever is running it this is a permanent home for BiCon on the Web, and should always have up to date details of the next BiCon.

BiCon also has a permanent postal address - BM BiCon, London WC1N 3XX, UK - which will reach the current organisers wherever they are.

BiCon 2002 - Leicester:

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BiCon will be held in Leicester this year. The convention will be taking place from 16th to 17th August.

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BiCon 2001 - Coventry:

BiCon 2001 was the 19th National Bisexual Convention held from 25th - 27th August in Coventry.

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BiCon in the Media

Articles from the press about BiCon UK, and reports from workshops in previous years.

BiCon's Past

Locations and details of past BiCon's, going back to the London conference of 1984.

The new BiCon guidelines

The guidelines agreed at BiCon 98 for future organisers, mainly of interest to activists.

Other Bisexual conferences & events

The BiCon UK 2002 organisers are at (no other details at present)

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